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SWTOR Crafting Guide | Crafting Skills
SWTOR Crafting skills are used to place in items or craft. With the range and expertise of your crew members, different items can be crafted individually.

Here is a brief list of Crafting Skills you can assign to your crew:

  • The Armormech – This skill gives non-force players hard metal protection and can be refined for stronger attributes.
  • The Armstech – This skill create weapons like blaster rifles, blaster pistols, assault guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles.
  • The Artifice – This skill crafts lightsabers and modify its enhancements.
  • The Biochem – This skill make med packs or stimulator for attribute boost.
  • The Cybertech – This skill create new tools and droid armor.
  • The Synthweaving – This skill craft armor for force players.

What To Know About SWTOR Crafting Skills

Resources will be the cornerstone of crafting, whether your Crew gathers them or they acquired through some other means.

Your crew will be able to customize weapons, armor, implants and other types of gears and items that are useful. You may use these items or you can make profit out of them by placing them on the market. You will get to receive Crew Skills reports while you are away from your ship. And when a companion of yours returns bringing schematics for an item of value, you may decide to assign another one to begin crafting right away the item on the workstation of the ship without you needing to return to your ship.

Crafting skills are disciplines that are very specialized. For the three slots of your Crew Skills, you can choose one Crafting Skill that can be mastered by your crew.

Exceptional Items – When a member of your crew returns after having crafted the item that you asked for, it can be one with exceptional quality, like boosted item stats or increased armor.

That’s why you have to be careful when you sell or when you reverse-engineer the crafted items.

Reverse Engineering – You can reverse-engineer some of your found items and crafted items according to the crafting profession that you selected.

Usually this gives back to you some of those materials that are used in crafting the item to begin with, while you also destroy in the process the crafted item.

From time to time, however, if a crafted material will be reverse-engineered, your companion will find out a new schematic that they can use to craft an item that’s superior.

You have to carefully watch for these since it means the difference between keeping a lowly green and an advanced blue.

Here is a list of the Crafting Skills:


Armormech involves working with hard metals, synthetic materials and alloys to build armor to be used by non-Force users.

Fluxes that are vendor-purchased are utilized during the process of creating the armor for the refinement of materials and guarantee suitability.


Armstech is a Crafting Skill that makes it possible to work with alloys, hard metals, and synthetic materials for the crafting of blasters, and modify blaster and melee weapons.

Fluxes that are vendor-purchased are used during the process of creating weapons for the refinement of materials to guarantee suitability.

Weapons included as crafted blasters are blaster rifles, blaster pistols, sniper rifles, shot guns and assault cannons. Included as blaster modifications are blaster barrels. Electrostaves and vibriblades are included as melee weapons.


A delicate skill used to create lightsaber enhancements, modifications, foci and generators is Artifice.

Among the lightsaber modifications are color crystals and hilts used to augment the combat attitude of a Force user. The ones that determine bolt color and beam for blasters and lightsavers are color crystals.


Biochem is the Crafting Skill that is used to craft chemical serums that enhance performance, biological implants and medical supplies.

Biochemists have the ability to create medpacs for restoration of health and single-used injection stimulants that give physical abilities a boost. They can also create biological implants to improve combat prowess through the regulation of brain stems and the stimulation of neural networks.


Cybertech refers to the crafting skill in assembling droid armor, grenades, mods, armoring, earpieces, and varied gadgets.

Mods and armoring are modification upgrades to augment the ability for combat.

Earpieces are those external, micro-computers that one wears near the ear or on the ear. They improve combat capabilities by giving visual and audio feedback to the wearer and through neural feedback that are direct through an external nerve relay.


Synthweaving is a Crafting Skill involving the fabrication of synthetic materials from crystals, various artifact fragments and chemicals for creating armor to be used for Force users.

Vendors give solutions that are premade, composites and suspensions which are utilized in the process of Synthweaving.

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